Great Hiring Decisions with Contract Staffing

“Work smarter, not harder,” said Allen F Morgenstern, an industrial engineer from the 1930’s. We whole-heartedly believe that contract staffing is a way for recruiters and companies to “work smarter, not harder.”

Using contract staffing is an incredible solve as companies are looking to find the right person for an open position. At Marcomm, we pursue innovation and look for new ways of connecting companies to marketing solutions. Contract staffing is just one of the myriad of Marcomm services providing flexible marketing solutions to clients.

All too often companies go through an extensive screening process to find quality employees. Usually after months of searching and vetting the company finally fills a role on their marketing team. Fast forward a few months, HR has finally completed the onboarding process, the employee is fully trained in but now the team is discovering that this person isn’t the best fit for the role or the company culture. What do they do now?!

When this happens, it becomes difficult to understand how to either reallocate the newly hired employee or back track and find a person that is better suited. If the employee is reallocated to a new position there is the challenge of eating costs for two different roles. Or if the company decides to find a better candidate they still have to eat the cost of making a change and  onboarding and training another new employee.

Contract staffing is a way to vet a potential employee in real time. Using contract-to-hire as a way to vet new employees gives the company the ability to “try before they buy.” When used as a recruiting tool contract staffing enables companies to make informed decisions based on the actual performance of a new employee without taking on the full cost burden of adding another person to their payroll.

Use contract staffing to find your next great hire for your marketing team. Learn more about contract staffing with Marcomm.

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