Marcomm Services Changing the Marketing Landscape

Marcomm recently launched a more diversified service offering to meet the changing needs of corporate marketing teams large and small. Working from our nearly 30-year history in delivering exceptional marketing contract staffing to Twin Cities companies, Marcomm continues to deliver premier marketing talent to serve your marketing needs.

Over the past three decades, Marcomm has consistently adapted our offering to serve clients’ onsite and remote marketing contract staffing needs – traditionally filling full time, ongoing contract roles. 2020 brought massive change to the marketing industry in the shape of reduced headcount, cut budgets and the acceleration of the digital transformation. This marketing chaos drove Marcomm to consider how to better serve existing clients, and also reach beyond traditional corporate marketing teams to smaller companies who need a full range of marketing support. The result is the expansion of Marcomm’s services from only staffing individual onsite or remote marketing contract roles, to building marketing capabilities to meet the range of marketing strategy and support services for clients large and small.

Today, whether your company needs to fill a specific role or needs a variety of services, Marcomm has the marketing talent to deliver.

We Staff Talent: Finding You the Right People

-We Build Teams:
Managing Talent to Do the Work

-We Do Projects:
Delivering the Talent to Get it Done

-We Help Hire:
Landing You the Top Talent

How Marcomm Shifted Amidst Covid

With the onset of COVID-19 in March 2020, we saw our clients go from various stages of digital marketing capability to needing to reach their internal and external audiences through entirely digital means overnight. Many were not ready.

For companies without full time marketing teams, this catastrophic change in connecting with employees and customers left them reeling. Websites were not ready to house the content needed to reach a digital audience and CRM systems were not up-to-date and ready to communicate with various client and prospect audiences. Social media became a major way to stay connected – to see and be seen, but standards were missing and expertise to deploy social media effectively was scarce.

Beyond that, many had not considered the marketing talent and work required to generate good digital content. And don’t forget that marketing automation or email marketing tools needed to be chosen and developed for digital marketing efforts to be managed and measured.

Marcomm understood how all of these marketing tactics needed to be developed and delivered. Over the years, Marcomm has deployed hundreds of marketing experts to do these exact functions – we just hadn’t put a group of them together to become a full-scale marketing team. Not since the birth of Marcomm, when co-founders Joe Foley and Ben Clark managed a small group of marketing project management professionals onsite at 3M, had the team thought about customizing a team around a set of marketing needs.

Marketing Contract Staffing – Onsite, Remote or Fractional

When Priscilla Koeckeritz joined Marcomm in 2019 as a fractional CMO the seed was planted for service evolution. In addition to serving Marcomm as CMO, Koeckeritz worked with other companies in a strategic capacity (as a fractional leader). When COVID hit, the need to speed up deployment of digital marketing increased exponentially, and she turned to the Marcomm team to help find resources to support doing the actual marketing work for clients.

It was a natural discovery for Jamie Simpson, Marcomm’s Director of Business Operations, to see the organic creation of fractional support teams. She asked, “Why not put together a team of our capable marketing professionals to fractionally use their talents in support of multiple clients?” This is what advertising agencies and marketing services firms have been doing for years – so Marcomm looked at leveraging our unique marketing contract staffing knowledge to provide a different and affordable solution designed for smaller companies with slim budgets to tactically execute marketing efforts using a combination of fractional contract resources.

The evolution to expand how Marcomm serves clients through our marketing contract staffing capability has benefited clients of all sizes. Whether we place someone inside an organization full time or fractionally, we still strive to become part of our client’s team and to work as a member of their company in service of their goals.

Ultimately, it is Marcomm’s contract staffing model that paved the way for our evolution and growth. We continue to deliver a transparent solution where we define client’s goals, prioritize needs and assign the most effective resource to get the work done. It’s marketing contract staffing for all – onsite, remote, fractional, project or contract to hire. It’s simple, seamless and it works!

More About How Marcomm Services Work

We Staff Talent: Marcomm uses our exceptional staffing experience to pair candidates meeting the talent needs, requirements, budget, timeline and culture for staffing full time equivalent onsite or remote roles for corporate marketing teams. We find the right people. Request Contract Staffing – Onsite or Remote

We Build Teams: Marcomm builds fractional marketing dream teams to deliver a broader scope of marketing services for those companies who don’t have an internal marketing team, or who need additional support to manage project capacity. Whatever your marketing initiatives, from strategy and planning to content development to the tactical delivery of web content, blogs, social media, and more … we deliver the doers. Build Your Fractional Marketing Team

We Do Projects: Marcomm takes on the projects that are stretching your team beyond capacity, or that scope of work requiring specific marketing expertise that your team is lacking. Companies with marketing capability internally often have resources to cover 80% of what needs attention. However, when research, audit, content, web, video, and other skill-specific needs arise, turn to Marcomm for help. We get it done. Learn About Project & Scope of Work Services

We Help Hire: Marcomm’s leadership team has a combine 100+ years of marketing expertise and has recruited thousands of marketing professionals. When you need help to place the skill set and culture fit best suited to your team, turn to the most experienced team in marketing permanent placement and contract to hire. We land top talent. Search for Your Next Team Member