A Letter From Our Business Director

Bringing the Community Together

We hear you and we see you. We have all been disrupted and business as we knew it, is facing big hurdles and challenges. But Marcomm believes this is just the recipe for growth – and in order to come back stronger than ever, we need to come together. We all know that a rising tide lifts all ships.

The new way of doing business is sharing business. It’s time for our marketing community to align – we can all help more people and organizations when we cross-promote and partner together for wholistic problem solving. Supporting our economy in solving their marketing gaps creates more opportunities for job seekers.

Marcomm’s expertise in talent goes deeper than match making. Marcomm believes people searching for their next career opportunity deserve to be treated with value, and that companies don’t have to settle for talent that doesn’t fit both culture and skill expectations.

Having a strong presence in the Twin Cities for the last 25 years, we bring an extremely deep and diverse network of marketing experts, affiliates and strategic partnerships to the table to take on the small projects to long-term marketing gaps that today’s companies are experiencing. 

Our mission is to rebuild the value of relationships as the cornerstone to delivering staffing, contract and support services to companies large and small. As we live out our mission, we’ve built a place where marketing professionals can find insights, events, opportunities and resources – for Marketers: https://marcommdept.com/community/.

You’re going to hear a lot about Marcomm in 2020. Join the Marcomm community as we grow and develop new ways to provide services and partnership in this disrupted and displaced business world. 


Jamie Simpson