Joe Foley – Contract Staffing Improves Hiring Process

Marketing staffing solutions are ever evolving as our global economy shifts and changes in 2021. Marcomm is always monitoring and anticipating these trends. As roles and responsibilities get increasingly complex, companies need a way to fully vet candidates.

In understanding more about workplace dynamics, it is becoming clear that company culture is increasing in importance. Sometimes candidates can be qualified on paper, but end up not preforming well in a role because they simply aren’t a good company culture fit. With marketing budgets stretched thin it is crucial to mitigate the risks of hiring someone who is untested in your company culture.

Joe Foley has lived this reality for decades as a master recruiter in marketing. Joe knows that hiring contract employees is a great option for companies to “try before they buy” when filling empty positions. Joe speaks to the benefits of seeing if the candidate “can blend well with the team and that they know what they are doing.” Using a contract worker allows companies to see a candidate in action, and to have the opportunity to watch real time role performance. In the video below Joe discusses his insights.

When companies choose to use contract staffing as an alternative to simply hiring, it allows them to evaluate a candidate in a virtually risk-free manner. Marcomm has been in the marketing staffing business for over 25 years. We have extensive experience finding and placing top talent. We are all about connecting companies to marketing solutions. Let us help you find your next great hire.

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