Do You Need a Contract Employee or a Fractional Team?

Our very own Joe Foley, founder and CEO of Marcomm, discusses what companies need to know when considering whether they might want to hire a contract employee or a fractional marketing team.

Whether your needs involve large on going project scopes, day to day social media management or high level marketing strategy, Marcomm has got you covered. We are agile enough to be able to help you and deploy a solution that best fits you in short order. Marcomm is dedicated to helping you find the marketing service that best fits your companies, budget and needs. With contract staffing we can fill in the talent gaps on your team with a high quality candidate taking the burden of hiring off you. In contract staffing we have experience filling marketing positions with the highest quality candidates for over 20 years. We know the pitfalls and challenges of hiring and placing the right kind of marketing candidate in the right role. With a fractional marketing team we can take on short term project work or long term social media strategy enabling you to execute your business plans seamlessly. A fractional marketing team becomes a small extension of your marketing department able to create and deploy initiatives with ease.

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