Navigating Negotiation

Job Seeker Tips: Navigating Negotiation

As a job seeker, how do you balance the need to get hired ASAP with your desire for fair compensation? You want to earn a salary that’s in the same ballpark as others with your level of experience. But let’s face it… negotiating with employers can be intimidating.

In addition, navigating negotiation can look different based on your level of experience. Are you currently seeking an Entry-Level, Intermediate, Mid-Level, Executive/Senior Level, or Contract position? The approach you take during negotiations should fit the level of job you are looking for.

Thanks to our 30+ years of experience connecting companies to marketing talent, Marcomm understands the challenges and uncertainty that candidates experience during a job search. That’s why we created an informative series of articles to help job seekers in each stage of their careers. The final part of the series is Navigating Negotiation!

Having a conversation with a potential employer about salary or benefits can feel awkward at times. Maybe you haven’t changed jobs in a while and feel a bit rusty. Or perhaps you aren’t sure when or how to mention your salary expectations during an interview. Regardless of your concerns, be assured that negotiation is a natural part of the job-seeking process—so you can either approach it proactively or suffer the consequences if you accept an offer that isn’t right for you. The last thing you want is to start your new role with an immediate sense of regret.

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