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What is fractional marketing?

Fractional marketing has grown steadily over the past few years due to global situations that drove businesses on how they re-think executing marketing campaigns. This term is not new in the corporate world, as fractional has been used time and time again for C-Suite level positions. Being able to utilize outside resources for marketing efforts has proven to be cost-efficient while also providing results. Why hire 3 to 4 full-time marketers when you can utilize an outside marketing team for a fraction of the price?

Why would you need a fractional marketing team?

Fractional Marcomm Execution™ is perfect for smaller or mid-size companies looking to expand their marketing efforts without breaking the bank. Startups and traditional companies have trouble knowing where to start with their marketing or perhaps have moved too quickly that their marketing has lost focus and alignment.

Limited resources and company size shouldn’t dictate how successful your marketing campaigns will be. Fractional Marcomm Execution™ helps alleviate these problems by using experienced marketing professionals to work on your marketing efforts on a pre-billed basis. As the scope of work changes, you need a marketing team that changes with it.

How we’ve helped others with Fractional Marcomm Execution

The Fractional Marcomm Execution™ team has helped numerous clients get the proper footing to launch their marketing campaigns. From brand guidelines to social media calendars – and everything in-between – we have seen it all. Our clients vary from startups to multi-million-dollar companies.

See how we helped Ostra Cybersecurity with their marketing efforts and how reaching out to Marcomm for our fractional team has brought them lead generation success. From planning the work to on-going tactical execution – Marcomm will build the team to deliver content, website updates, social media and more.

Keep marketing simple with Marcomm​

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