Aligning Priorities With Budgets To Get Marketing Executed

Companies are facing continued challenges in their 2021 marketing budgets as they try to understand how to fill gaps on their teams without overburdening their current staff or exceeding their budget goals.  Now more than ever, it is important to look with fresh eyes at how to allocate marketing resources that are correlated with their 2021 marketing budget. It is imperative that companies ask hard questions about what their marketing priorities are before thinking about staffing and personnel needs. These marketing budget challenges have companies confused about whether to insource, outsource, contract or contract to hire to solve their skills gaps in relation to their goals. Marcomm’s new fractional marketing team execution model makes it possible for companies to accomplish their 2021 marketing goals without ineffective overhead budget burdens.

It is critical that companies remain agile in their thinking as they face a world where a robust  digital marketing strategy is necessary to survive in this economy. What if instead of having to find one person that is capable of pushing their digital marketing need forward they could instead hire an entire fractional team that can be an ongoing resource for the same cost as hiring one person? At Marcomm we are focused on providing the doers and giving you the most cost effective solution that aligns with your strategic marketing goals and business objectives. Knowing how to move forward in this Post-Covid marketing world is challenging for everyone. Let Marcomm help you find the resources you need. Marcomm is focused on connecting companies to marketing solutions. 

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