Marcomm Fills Independent Pet Partners Marketing Role in Days

Finding the right candidate for the right role is the on-going challenge for any contract staffing agency. At Marcomm we are focused on delivering quality candidates that are not only highly qualified but also a good culture fit for the companies we serve. We are “very much a conduit for companies to find great talent.”  Our success originates from our passion in connecting companies with marketing solutions, and making lasting human connections.

Marcomm recently had the pleasure of connecting Independent Pet Partners (IPP) with a marketing solution by finding an exceptional candidate to fill the role of Brand Campaign & Promotions Manager. IPP describes themselves as “a digital, retail, education and services platform for holistic pet wellness,” supporting brands such as, Chuck & Don’s, Natural Pawz and more. Susan Rylance, a professional colleague of both Marcomm and IPP, was working with IPP on strategic planning when it became apparent, they needed a quality candidate to fill the Brand Campaign & Promotions Manager role, and they needed it fast. Susan immediately reached out to Marcomm because she knew of our excellent reputation and 25 years of experience staffing for marketing roles.

Susan contacted, Jamie Simpson and Joe Foley, at Marcomm on November 9, 2020 urgently requesting help for IPP. She expressed that they wanted this role filled as soon as possible so they could maintain timelines on rolling out strategic initiatives . Filling such an important role on such short notice posed several challenges; Ideally, with new clients, Marcomm’s standard is to take time to get to know the company, its history, their budget and any additional needs that may go beyond a traditional job description before we move forward with finding candidates. We take time fully discuss all the possible marketing solution options available, and help clients determine whether they need to fill a contract role, develop a fractional team, scope a project, or fill the role via contract to hire. With such a short turnaround time to connect IPP with the right solution, Joe Foley jumped into action to personally find our best and brightest candidates for this role.

Within 24 hours of speaking with IPP about the role and their needs, Marcomm delivered four highly qualified candidates that were all great contenders for the role of Brand Campaign & Promotions Manager. Because of Marcomm’s experience, reputation, and expertise, we were able to move quickly to present them with candidates that exceeded their expectations. Susan Rylance was pleased with how we connected them with a marketing solution expressing that IPP was “…super impressed with how fast you guys moved and the quality [of candidates].  They appreciated the great referral.” Not only did Marcomm provide an impressive pool of candidates in a short period of time, but because of our vetting process, IPP was able to fill the role of Brand Campaign & Promotions manager within a week of reaching out to our Marcomm team.

Our relationship with IPP and our ability to connect them with the marketing solutions that fit their needs is a testament to Marcomm’s deep level of experience staffing for marketing roles in the Twin Cities. Marcomm has been in business for over 25 years staffing contract needs in marketing departments for some of Minnesota’s most prestigious Fortune 100 companies. We continuously recruit and manage a pipeline of top talent, putting Marcomm in the best position to tackle the challenges of finding quality candidates for complex marketing roles and needs.



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