Challenging the Impersonal Online Job Board Experience

Marcomm is bringing fresh business perspective into the new decade. With the disruption in the marketplace, a renewed focus on helping job seekers make personal connections with the right companies and hiring managers has never been more important.

Growth of online recruiting has increased double digits over the last five years and is expected to take off exponentially as demand increases. According to, the online recruitment vertical has grown by 17.8%, garnering revenue of $8 billion in 2018. With momentum building, the U.S. online recruitment market alone is set to surpass a staggering $10 billion in 2020.

But online recruiting boards are leaving job seekers feeling less than confidant – with their resumes, hopes and dreams being sent into the black hole of recruiting tools, often never knowing whether they were considered or not. Marcomm is driving innovation to significantly advance the value marketing professionals bring to Twin Cities corporations – with flexibility for companies seeking on-site contract support, remote project services and a variety of hiring solutions.

Marcomm’s management team has more than 75 years of combined hands-on experience in marketing recruiting, staffing and management, and is nearing 30 years of placing professionals in companies across the Twin Cities and beyond. This experience coupled with unparalleled connections and proprietary technology to increase human connection in the search process, the company is positioned to make connections easier for both job seekers and employers.

Why Marcomm is Different

  • Marcomm believes people searching for their next career opportunity deserve to be treated with value, and that companies don’t have to settle for talent that doesn’t fit both culture and skill expectations.
  • Our mission is to rebuild the value of relationships as the cornerstone to delivering staffing, contract and support services to companies large and small.
  • The human experience is central to our purpose and by connecting people to deliver great marketing efforts we fulfill both the needs of job seekers and our corporate clientele.

You’re going to hear a lot about Marcomm in 2020. Join the Marcomm community and stay tuned for interesting articles, updates, events, and opportunities. And follow our leaders – Ben Clark, Joe Foley, Jamie Simpson, and Priscilla Koeckeritz – they’ve got a lot to say about marketing strategies, contract staffing, project services, hiring solutions and more.

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