Marcomm Drives A-Best Marketing into the Future

Marcomm is dedicated to helping their clients focus their marketing plan and message to get the most out of their marketing budget. Marcomm has worked with A-Best Sew & Vac, a sewing machine and vacuum cleaner retailer in southern Minnesota, since October of 2019. This specialty retailer is known for their amazing emphasis on the in-store customer experience.

As a national top 20 sewing machine retailer, A-Best has grown exponentially over the last several years moving from a small storefront to a showroom of over 25,000 square feet. From their inception in 2009, A-Best has experienced a remarkable amount of organic growth, and have also grown to recognize their need for a more focused marketing plan and message.

As a hometown store without an internal marketing team, A-Best has predominantly grown their reputation by word of mouth, event promotion and local advertising. Marcomm’s fractional CMO, Priscilla Koeckeritz, worked with the owner-operator of A-Best, Vern Hanson, to build better internal business infrastructure and create an agile marketing plan that would allow them to thrive far into the future. 

Marcomm connects companies with marketing solutions, so working with A-Best was a perfect fit. Using our fractional marketing team model, Priscilla built A-Best a fractional marketing dream team that helped roll out a new website in two months. “A-Best’s fractional marketing team now includes a digital marketing strategist, a web production specialist and a video production specialist. We built the website in eight weeks. It continues to improve as the team adds blog content, featured products and classes.”

With the changing and turbulent times of 2020, it was even more imperative that A-Best find a way to engage their community in a way that was safe, supportive and responsible for their customers. Priscilla and her team were up for the challenge and have been working hard to increase A-Best social media engagement and foster community among their most loyal clients.

Marcomm continues to work with A-Best on an ongoing basis to help them maintain their marketing and overall business goals. Priscilla explains the beauty of using the fractional marketing team for A-Best’s marketing needs, “Marcomm works in a very transparent manner with our fractional clients. We typically work a prioritized list of marketing deliverables within a set monthly budget […]so work gets done in the most productive way possible. We can add and subtract resources […]as needed and take on overflow work from maxed out marketing teams.”

As the marketing landscape changes Marcomm can respond in an agile manner and quickly deploy marketing solutions to help companies grow their brands in a sustainable manner. As a seasoned CMO Priscilla Koeckeritz calls out that A-Best is not the only company that could benefit from these flexible marketing solutions saying, “Many small businesses are facing similar challenges – some COVID related, and many routine challenges where traditional marketing services are simply not meeting all the needs.”

The video testimonial below from A-Best owner, Vern Hanson, gives you a little taste of the many ways that Marcomm has helped A-Best grow and maintain their business through all of the many challenges of the last several months.   Let us share how we build fractional teams to support marketing.

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