Marcomm Believes in Partnerships – hoodo

At Marcomm, we believe that the human experience is essential for job seekers and hiring managers to build valuable professional connections. And if we believe in connecting people in meaningful ways, we should follow our own advice and build professional partnerships that help our company connect with the greater marketing and communications community.

Understanding the digital recruiting model was flawed for both job seekers and hiring managers, owners, Ben Clark and Joe Foley created hoodo. Hoodo, an app-based platform fashioned after “dating apps”, utilizes an algorithmic approach to maximize connecting qualified and relevant job seekers directly to hiring managers, an alternative to the standard job boards that only take into account resumes.

As the job seeking and hiring process continues to shift into the digital era, hoodo hopes to create an experience different than any existing platform. As a job seeker, you swipe through an assessment that measures strengths, goals, abilities, and preferences, and hoodo generates a profile that fully understands you.

For those doing the hiring – Hoodo drills into the skills and experiences that are required to meet their specific needs through a desktop platform, serving qualified talent directly to your disposal. “Whether you’re a job seeker tired of sending your resume into a black hole, or a hiring manager who wants specific candidate insights and match scores prior to investing time pre-screening every applicant – hoodo’s got you covered”, said Ben. 

Marcomm understands that the recruiting and hiring process oftentimes is much faster and more impersonal than it was in the past. The volume of applicants and short timelines can strain the ability to maximize the professional relationship Marcomm strives to achieve. “We believe our utilization of hoodo will provide us with insights on a much deeper level with the job seeker than just looking at a resume and conducting a phone screening” said Joe. “It’s advantageous in providing us an asset delivering the best fit for our clients”.

Continuing our mission to rebuild the value of relationships within the marketing community, purpose driven partnerships like this only make us better together.  We believe the time is now for our marketing community to align. To explore opportunities and strategic alignments with Marcomm, contact Director of Business Operations, Jamie Simpson.

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