Marcomm Feature – Kathy Devine

Founded in 1996, Marcomm is proud of its history connecting dynamic marketing talent with some of the best Twin Cities companies. For nearly 30 years Marcomm has been filling marketing gaps for companies large and small and every solution provided is tailored to the changing landscape of marketing needs to fulfill both client and employee needs.  Bringing this to life, is this month’s Marcomm featured client, turned employee, Kathy Devine. 

Recognizing the need for short-term project support as a manager then at 3M, Kathy turned to Marcomm for contracted talent. “Working with Marcomm on the hiring side was painless,” she says. “They are great at providing excellent support, always connecting me with top talent very quickly – even painlessly converting the talent to full time employees when I had the opportunity to do so”.. No matter how simple or complex, Marcomm excels at connecting clients with the right talent to advance your marketing initiatives. We deliver comprehensive and competitive solutions for both job seekers and employers meeting the ever-changing workplace environment.

After Kathy’s career grew with other organizations, she had the desire to return to the company where her career started. Reaching out and working with Marcomm to get a foot back in the door was her first step to reconnecting with 3M. “I was actually offered the same contract project role through another staffing company, but my existing relationship with Marcomm and the combined autonomy and flexibility I knew I would be provided made it an easy decision.”

Marcomm believes people searching for their next career opportunity deserve to be treated with value, and that companies do not have to settle for talent that does not fit both culture and skill expectations. Our mission is to rebuild the value of relationships as the cornerstone to delivering staffing, contract, and support services to companies large and small. Fulfilling client needs with the perfect fit, while also growing our network with top marketing talent is Marcomm’s main objective. 

Through her unique journey from client to employee, Kathy Devine represents what Marcomm strives to achieve by authentically developing strong relationships, and ultimately improving the challenging hiring process and job seeking experience for marketing talent.