Marcomm Believes in Partnerships – Passion Collective

Many professionals have a personal road map for their career path when they begin, often with a vision to learn new skills, practice their chosen art and ultimately climb the corporate ladder. For 20 years, this blueprint had been Laura Best’s path to success in her marketing career. But the milestones and goals Laura had set out to achieve didn’t fulfill her in the way she’d expected. She began to wonder what more she could do to create a space for women to grow their networks and find support. 

As Laura worked to balance career and family, she shared the challenge of seeking to “do meaningful work,” with other women in her professional network and realized that this was a common experience. Seeking to find new purpose for herself and others, Laura began to hold forums for professional women to connect – sparking what would eventually become Passion Collective.

Passion Collective provides professional women a space to connect with like-minded individuals pursuing purpose-driven work. It is a platform for women to let down their professional armor to be able to learn, connect, grow, and thrive. Coined as “passioneadous,” the women that make up Passion Collective strive to create a community built on trust. Through events, blogs and seminars, Passion Collective helps women understand that they are not alone in their struggle to find support and gain respect professionally as they balance their career aspirations with their personal life.  

Marcomm connected with Passion Collective on many levels. First, being a company who heavily supports the growth and development of women in marketing, Jamie Simpson, Director of Business Operations, wanted to through her support behind Laura and the Passion Collective. “I want to love working with our partners, and I think that Marcomm and Passion Collective complement each other very well,” Laura shared during a recent Marcomm Moment interview. Additionally, Marcomm loves working with partners who are striving not just to make marketing better, but to help professionals connect in new and unique ways. And when Jamie and Laura met, it was inevitable that the partnership would develop.

Continuing our mission to rebuild the value of relationships within the marketing community, purpose driven partnerships like this only make us better together.  We believe the time is now for our marketing community to align. To explore opportunities and strategic alignments with Marcomm, contact Director of Business Operations, Jamie Simpson.And follow us on LinkedIn at Marcomm Inc Minneapolis. Follow us on Twitter @Marcomm_Inc_MN