Contract Staffing: A Vital, Flexible Marketing Solution

In today’s increasingly remote workforce, it’s no surprise that contract staffing is an appealing option for many companies as well as candidates. Short-term gap filling is no longer the only reason for hiring marketing contractors. To find the highest quality talent and corporate culture fit, companies are opting for contract staffing as a vital recruiting tool. 

Marcomm is focused on networking with exceptional marketing candidates and connecting companies to marketing talent. Contract Staffing is one of the four service models that we specialize in—as well as Fractional MarketingProject/SOW, and Hiring solutions. 

In this short video, Marcomm Founder/CEO Joe Foley shares an overview of our Contract Staffing approach:

  • What he enjoys most about working with contractors and clients at Marcomm
  • How Marcomm got into the Contract Staffing business
  • Why relationship-building continues to define the culture at Marcomm

Marcomm’s Legacy of Contract Staffing

Did you know that Marcomm was one of the first in the Twin Cities to provide businesses with Contract Staffing solutions for their marketing and communications roles? 

Over thirty years ago, Joe Foley recognized the struggle that companies often faced when trying to get the qualified marketing professionals they needed. At the time, some of his clients were having difficulties getting their open positions filled, due to hiring freezes. Joe Foley introduced the idea of contract staffing as a vehicle to help clients cover their immediate marketing needs, without making a long-term permanent hire.

Marcomm has built a legacy of providing contract staffing services to a diverse client base, including several Fortune 500 companies that are headquartered in Greater Minneapolis-St. Paul area. One of the reasons for Marcomm’s longevity is its commitment to fully understanding the client’s needs. During his quarterly or bi-annual meetings with clients, Foley often gets positive feedback from clients who express their appreciation. 

“They know that we care about what their end-goal is,” shares Foley. “We’re not just there trying to fill seats—we’re trying to fill seats appropriately.” On behalf of everybody who works in or behind the scenes at Marcomm, Foley says he takes pride in that.  

Read how we’ve done decades of work for one of Minnesota’s Fortune 100.

Defining Contract Staffing

For Employers: Contract staffing enables employers and candidates to “try out” the opportunity and see how well they work together on the project goals. Saving time and resources, while understanding candidate fit, has been the bread and butter of Contract Staffing.

  • What is Marcomm’s track record with Employers? Marcomm has helped Fortune 100 companies nationwide to fill multiple marketing positions with valuable marketing talent. We have long-standing network in the industry, with our roots starting in 3M. Let us utilize our vast pool of talent to help you fill that marketing gap. Learn how we helped Pearson with contract staffing from Marcomm.

For Candidates: Allowing a trial-run at a company before becoming a permanent employee has its range of benefits. It allows you to get a good understanding of the company or industry, all while gaining valuable experience and networking contacts. It also allows candidates to spend less time looking and applying for jobs. That means you can spend more time doing what you love at a place that utilizes your unique talent.

  • How does Marcomm work with Candidates? Contract staffing helps marketing professionals get the experience they need to advance their careers while building their network and resume. From Graphic Designers to Project Managers, we’ve helped our contract employees understand where their strengths will play the strongest at some of the largest companies in the Twin Cities area. See what our employees say about working with us, or view our open positions for more information.

Do you have a marketing challenge? Contact Marcomm to learn how our flexible talent solutions can help.