Fractional Marketing: Your Integrated, Specialized Go-Team

Fractional marketing has grown steadily as businesses re-think how they will execute their marketing campaigns. Being able to utilize outside resources for marketing efforts has proven to be cost-efficient while also providing results. Why hire 3 to 4 full-time marketers when you can utilize an outside marketing team for a fraction of the price?

As a natural extension of our mission to connect companies to marketing talent, Fractional Marketing is one of the four ways that Marcomm delivers marketing resources to meet the needs of our clients. The others include Contract StaffingProject/SOW, and Hiring solutions.

In this short video, CMO Priscilla Koeckeritz gives an overview of how Marcomm serves clients through the Fractional Marketing model: 

  • What is Fractional Marketing?
  • How is working with Marcomm different vs. working with an agency?
  • How did the “fractional” side start at Marcomm?

What Exactly Is Fractional Marketing?

People often ask: What is fractional marketing? But the term fractional is not new, especially when it comes to tapping the expertise of higher-level leaders. 

For example, a mid-sized company that can’t afford a full-time C-suite executive might opt for a consultant who only spends a fraction of their time to perform roles such as CFO, CTO, etc. In the last 3-5 years, Fractional CMOs (Chief Marketing Officers) have become more popular as well. 

Koeckeritz says, “Our fractional marketing teams really came out of this idea that ‘If a CMO can be fractional, why can’t a project manager be fractional? Why can’t a video person be fractional; why can’t a designer be fractional?’ “Marcomm’s Fractional team has helped numerous clients get the proper footing to launch their marketing campaigns. Our clients range from startups to multi-million-dollar companies. For example, see how we helped Ostra Cybersecurity with their marketing efforts, and how reaching out to Marcomm’s fractional team has brought them lead generation success.

How is Marcomm different than an agency?

Typically, agencies try to solve problems for clients using their own specific teams, methodologies and processes. The Fractional Marketing team at Marcomm operates a little differently.

Marcomm’s deep roots in marketing staffing—with more than 25 years of putting people into the right roles—gives us the experience to quickly identify clients’ gaps and what is needed to fill them. With Marcomm’s Fractional Team, clients get access to a variety of people who collaborate closely while working only as many hours as are needed to accomplish the goals of the client.

Marcomm can do this at contract staffing rates, versus typical agency rates. By keeping overhead and expenses lower, as well, Marcomm is able to be more efficient in how we serve clients.

In summary, Marcomm dipped into our staffing roots to devise a new service model that can quickly deploy a “go-team” of specialists to manage and execute marketing priorities for clients—allowing us to maximize their available budget. 

It’s all about putting the right people for the right amount of time on the right projects, in order to best serve the client and their business outcomes.

Marcomm’s Foray into Fractional Marketing

The story of how Marcomm started our Fractional Marketing service model is interesting. The idea was born soon after Koeckeritz joined Marcomm in late 2019, but it really took off in 2020.

“When Covid hit in 2020, we had more and more clients who were struggling to get the work done,” recalls Koeckeritz. The fractional service offering grew out of her strategic work as a CMO, as she saw that clients needed more tactical help. At the same time, businesses were trying to digitally transform. “It was a very difficult time where we were able to step in and help them solve those really unique problems.”

Do you need help planning, managing or executing your marketing tasks? Contact Marcomm to learn how our fractional marketing teams can help.