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Marcomm Believes in Partnerships – American Marketing Association MN

In January 2020, when fractional CMO Priscilla Koeckeritz joined our team, it became clear that Marcomm needed to overhaul marketing practices. Being a student pursuing an undergraduate degree in Strategic Communications and working for Marcomm as a Marketing Engagement Specialist, I found myself needing to up my knowledge when it came to marketing processes and terminology. Priscilla shared the advantages of a membership with the American Marketing Association (AMA) to help ease the transitions at work, while also benefiting me in the classroom.

The AMA platform has given me an unrivaled resource that I can count on in my development as a marketeer. From curating relevant marketing content in blogs, to holding Q&A videos with industry leaders, the value that has come with being a member of the AMA has been extremely beneficial. providing me with the resources I have been looking for to advance in my professional and academic careers. 

The AMA is the largest community based professional marketing association in the world. Delivering marketing professionals and students a platform to access information and assets required to be the best marketeer you can be. Offerings through virtual training sessions, bootcamps and certification courses, give you the edge to sharpen and add skills needed to reach your full potential. 

Webinars with professors and leaders from the marketing community give members the insights and perspectives necessary in an industry that is constantly evolving. Whether you are a student or have 10+ years of professional marketing experience, the AMA presents you with a platform to grow. 

Our partnership with the American Marketing Association of Minnesota provides us just one more resource to connect, learn and grow. Sharing the belief that we are better together, Marcomm and MN AMA hope to support the Twin Cities marketing community with opportunities and information that maximizes growth as a marketeer, professionally or as a student.

Continuing our mission to rebuild the value of relationships within the marketing community, purpose driven partnerships like this only make us better together.  We believe the time is now for our marketing communities to align. To explore opportunities and strategic alignments with Marcomm, contact Director of Business Operations, Jamie Simpson.

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