Why Marcomm Believes in Partnerships

At Marcomm, we believe that the human experience is essential for job seekers and hiring managers to build valuable professional connections. And if we believe in connecting people in meaningful ways, we should follow our own advice and build professional partnerships that help our company connect with the greater marketing and communication arena. Marcomm is on a mission to make professional connections that matter … for our company, our employees, our clients, and the greater marketing world around us.

In her June 2020 letter to our marketing community Jamie Simpson (Marcomm Business Operations Director) shared her thoughts about the current state of the marketing community and our commitment to helping job seekers and filling gaps for marketers in need of solutions. “The new way of doing business is sharing business. It’s time for our marketing community to align – we can all help more people and organizations when we cross-promote and partner together for wholistic problem solving. Supporting our economy in solving their marketing gaps creates more opportunities for job seekers.”

We’re aligning Marcomm with some of the best and brightest groups in the Twin Cities – from professional services companies to marketing networks and from recruiting technologies to supporting the growth and development of career professionals. Part of our mission is to help people find their place, especially our emerging young professionals who are entering the workforce during one of the most intense years of disruption we’ve ever seen.

In the coming weeks, we are thrilled to highlight our partners and share why Marcomm believes we are better working together with these organizations. We’ll summarize what these companies do to make marketing great in the Minneapolis/St Paul and how our partnerships will make a difference in the months and years ahead.

You’ll hear directly from the leaders of these companies during our Marcomm Moments, where fractional CMO Priscilla Koeckeritz does Q&A interviews with our partners who share their best advice and tips for marketing professionals. Join the Marcomm Community in the coming weeks as we talk to hoodoCorTalentAMA MinnesotaPassion Collective, and BoundarylessMN.

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