Transitioning Roles, Planning for the Future

Priscilla Koeckeritz

My role as fractional CMO for Marcomm and many of our clients is coming to an end August 31, 2022. What an amazing ride over the past three years as I have worked with the absolute best team in marketing staffing and fractional marketing services. Together, we have overcome obstacles for clients that were never-before seen or tackled.

What’s next? I’ll share all the details, but first let me tell you how Marcomm was instrumental in helping me grow into my next opportunity.

My Time at Marcomm

When I started my journey as a fractional CMO in 2019 it was for several reasons.

  • First, I had just exited a 10-year startup and needed time to think about what I wanted to be when I grow up. Not that we ever fully “grow up” professionally … we’re always a work in progress.
  • Second, an adjunct position at North Central University came across my path and offered the “passion project” opportunity to invest in the next generation of marketing communication professionals. I started my career teaching at the college level, and I always knew teaching would intersect with my career again.
  • Third, I missed marketing – the strategy, ideation, creativity and execution of good work that helps companies grow. I wanted to exercise some familiar muscles again.

Oh … and for those who know me well, you know that I can’t help but build services, teams and operations wherever I go (I’m really a geek when it comes to problem-solving).  

In 2019, Marcomm was at the right point to put my professional superpowers to work and I am privileged to have worked with Joe Foley, Ben Clark and Jamie Simpson to grow this team and company for the benefit of our employees and our clients. You are all amazing and I will miss the day-to-day interaction with you.

Marcomm’s Future is Bright

Additionally, I’ll not be leaving a gap as I exit my role. Marcomm has a new operations leader Deborah Isensee. The first time I met Deborah, I was struck by her passion for good work, her drive to build processes and her natural leadership style.

With new leaders and fresh perspectives across various roles, there is no better company to serve the needs of marketing. Whether you need to fill a contract staffing role or need support to make a hire, Marcomm is a great fit. The addition of Paula Caldwell as a recruiter this year has further expanded Marcomm’s ability to find and place the best marketing talent (she’s amazing).

And for the small to mid-sized market, fractional services and project teams make it easier for companies to delegate thier marketing execution tasks. I can’t say enough about the fractional team, and especially the role that Stacey Kusnier, fractional director, and Chris Veiga, senior marketing project manager, have played in building services and delivering good work (amazing work really, but I may be a little biased). Clients are in good hands with the team Marcomm has built to “get the marketing work done.”

The future is bright for Marcomm … which is why I’m glad I’ll still be part of their world.

Alright already, tell us what you’re going to do next!

The Next Right Thing – Brin Glass Company

My husband, Craig Koeckeritz, has always been supportive of my natural inclination to go where the needs are, to see opportunity to develop new ideas and solve growth challenges. He also says that opportunities tend to find me (I haven’t looked for a job in decades … so I guess that proves his point). During my time with Marcomm, Brin Glass Company found me. First, as their fractional CMO over the past 18 months and as their chief operating officer beginning September 1, 2022.

For those who aren’t familiar with Brin Glass Company, they are located in north Minneapolis and have a long history of excellence in the glass industry. If you’ve eaten at Black Sheep Pizza in the Minneapolis North Loop, you may have seen the Brin Glass Company name in the cement facade of the building on North Washington. They’ve been around for more than 100 years and serve glass dealers, general contractors, property managers and so many others with glass products, installation and service across Minnesota and beyond. It’s the beyond part that I am especially excited about as my role is strategically intended to help the company grow its current locations, as well as expand beyond our footprint.

The family of companies includes Northwestern Glass Fab in Fridley, St. Germain’s Glass in Duluth and Heartland Glass in St. Cloud. I will help them innovate from an operations perspective, developing the growth plan for the next 10 years. It’s an honor to join a company with such a strong reputation and personal mission to always be better. It’s also an opportunity for me to put my love of the construction industry back to work. I’ve always found people in the construction trades to be good people who work hard and build things (I think it fits me well at heart).

After three startups in 20 years and a chaotic but exciting mix of CMO clients with Marcomm, I’m planting myself in a long-established company with a great history and big dreams. The leadership team at Brin is a fabulous group of people with a passion for their vision. If I was ever going to work in corporate America again, it had to be for a company and a leader that are first-class. To Bill Sullivan, CEO at Brin Glass, and the entire Brin Glass family of companies – thank you for inviting me to join the journey.

The Marcomm team won’t get rid of me easily though, now I’ll be a client. Brin Glass utilizes Marcomm’s fractional marketing services as our marketing department. At Brin, we benefit from having a team of marketing professionals who can do everything from project management to copywriting and web development to social media. I cannot imagine moving forward without the Marcomm team to support Brin for all things marketing.

PK’s Parting Challenge: Be Present

For all of you who read to the end, I challenge you to stay open-minded to opportunity. Be present in the role you are in and do your very best to make everyone around you better (they will do the same for you). Look for opportunities to contribute in unique ways. Find a place where you can give back, pay it forward, or coach and mentor others… simply be a good steward of your talents and share them generously. Don’t be surprised if a blog or two show up in Marcomm’s future feed. Marketing will always be a passion, and the Marcomm team will continue to be near and dear to my heart. You’ll soon see me blogging about the glass industry. Stay tuned for updates on this next chapter (and follow Brin Glass Company to see what I’m up to next).