Tackle Your Project with the Right Marketing Talent

Marcomm is all about connecting companies to marketing talent, and providing Project/Scope of Work solutions is one of the four ways that we do that. The others include Contract StaffingHiring Solutions, and Fractional Marketing services.

Planning your next move

Sometimes it takes time and resources you don’t have to execute a marketing project, but you don’t need a long-term commitment. You’ve got a business to run and can’t afford to shift focus or utilize an outside agency, which comes with high fees, to fully execute what needs to get done. 

Watch this short video to hear more from Chief Revenue Officer Jamie Simpson about how Marcomm serves clients through our Project/SOW services: 

  • Why might clients look at contract vs. in-house hiring for marketing?
  • How can fractional marketing help businesses with their projects?

No guessing games

Marcomm makes it easy and takes the guesswork out of planning, budgeting and executing marketing projects. Our team has deep experience in project management as well as specialized marketing talent resourcing. We can help you get started and scope out what it will take to complete the project most efficiently. 

For example, we’ve helped several local Twin Cities companies understand the needs and exceptions of their projects. See how we helped A-Best Sew & Vac complete their website refresh in under 8 weeks. 

And, if your current team has ongoing talent gaps in one or two areas, we can support that as well. Our flexible, remote team members can deliver tactic-specific expertise as an extension of your team on a part-time or fractional basis. Marcomm’s Fractional Marketing team has helped numerous clients get the proper footing to launch their marketing campaigns. For example, see how we helped Ostra Cybersecurity with their marketing efforts, resulting in lead generation success.

Marcomm’s deep roots in marketing staffing—with more than 25 years of putting people into the right roles—allows us to quickly deploy a “go-team” of specialists to manage and execute marketing priorities for clients while maximizing their available budget. 

Marcomm excels at putting the right people for the right amount of time on the right projects, in order to best serve the client and their business outcomes.

Let us scope out your next project. Schedule a meeting with Jamie Simpson to learn more about our Project/SOW service that can help you plan, manage, or execute your marketing tasks.