Expert Project Planning

Marketing Team Mobilization

Outsourced Execution

Increased Productivity

MARCOMMPRO transforms marketing plans into marketing experiences.

Companies face a myriad of operational pressures and challenges that require scalability, flexibility and agility in managing their workforces. These demands have given rise to a blended workforce model comprised of permanent workers, part-time workers, contractors, and more recently, Statement of Work (SOW) or deliverable-based execution.

SOW is a dynamic operational strategy that allows companies to define exactly what needs to be done and by when, scale quickly and access the specific talent/skill sets they need to accomplish the marketing initiative without adding permanent headcount.


MARCOMMPRO’s initiative based marketing services are organized around expert consultation and professional marketing execution.

  • Plan/SOW Architecture

    Listen, Understand, Design – Our SOW Architects listen and consult on what needs to be accomplished. Then build a detailed plan that drives the initiative.

  • Resource

    Build and Manage – MARCOMMPRO assumes responsibility for deploying the most appropriate marketing team, coordinating the workflow, and managing the SOW.

  • Optimize

    Execute and Deliver – We leverage the value of integration with the benefit of outsourced execution. Our elite marketing teams function as an embedded team focused solely on accomplishing the defined marketing objectives.


MARCOMMPRO allows companies to better utilize their internal staff, while outsourcing complex projects or special non-recurring initiatives, leading to increased productivity, and lower costs.

MARCOMMPRO’s SOW marketing services offer companies greater cost control and quality assurance in managing critical marketing initiatives.


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