Marketing Chops: How experience and innovation drive Hiring Solutions

At Marcomm, helping our clients navigate Hiring Solutions is one of four pillars of service that supports how we connect companies with marketing talent. Marcomm is known for recruiting and successfully placing marketing talent in permanent hire and contract-to-hire positions.

We also provide marketing resources and services through our Contract Staffing, Project/SOW, and Fractional Marketing services.

In this short video, Founder/CEO Joe Foley explains Marcomm’s approach to how we deliver Hiring Solutions:

  • What Joe loves about the recruiting process
  • Marcomm’s unique history in staffing marketing-specific roles
  • Why relationship-building continues to define Marcomm’s culture

Making talent connections

Foley says he enjoys cultivating a network of “very good, qualified people” at Marcomm. He works with candidates seeking their next opportunity as well as those who are currently employed. When talking to active job-seekers, Foley’s goal is to help them see that Marcomm is “a really good way to go.” And for those who are already working in another position, Foley says it’s more about persuading them to come aboard with Marcomm if the right opportunity presents itself.

With over 25+ years of expertise and knowledge in the recruiting industry, Marcomm has built a large pool of industry partners and talent. Clients can rest assured that our back-end sourcing and in-depth candidate vetting get the most qualified, interested candidates cross their desks.

In addition, because Marcomm cares about the human experience, we use the best technology to make the best connections. Our recruiting technology partner, hoodo, is an innovative HR solution that screens, qualifies and recruits candidates without bias.

Rooted in marketing innovation

Marcomm got its start in contract staffing by simply responding to a marketplace need: businesses needed help finding qualified marketing talent. Thanks to grassroots relationship-building and word-of-mouth marketing, Marcomm has been able to stay relevant—and continue to adjust its service offerings to best serve clients. 

For example, Marcomm launched its newest pillar of service, Fractional Marketing, during the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020. At the time, many companies were struggling with marketing execution while also navigating shifts to digital marketing to connect with customers in new ways. Marcomm figured out a cost-effective way to help those companies utilize our in-house team of experts on a fractional or part-time basis, based on the client’s project needs and marketing goals.

“It’s hard to be in business as long as we have been,” reveals Foley. “We were probably the first on the block doing what we do.” He adds, “We’re going on 27 years… so we hit it at the right point.” 

An experienced eye 

Marcomm understands that it usually takes time to truly understand what clients are looking for in a qualified candidate. Yet we helped Independent Pet Partners fill their Brand Campaign & Promotions Manager position by getting them a qualified candidate within 24 hours. In addition, we’ve done decades of work for many top Twin Cities companies including one of Minnesota’s Fortune 100.

Foley suggests, “Sometimes you know exactly what you need, you just don’t know where to find it.”

Look no further. Contact Marcomm and let us serve up the right talent to fill your marketing gap.