Marcomm Welcomes Stacey Kusnier to the Fractional Marketing Team

Marcomm is pleased to welcome Stacey Kusnier as the most recent addition to our growing Fractional Marketing Team. As Senior Marketing Project Manager, Stacey will focus on overseeing the digital marketing needs of our B2B clients with an intense focus on delivering the results they need.

For the past 10 years, Stacey has successfully led marketing planning and execution efforts for growing B2B technology companies in the Twin Cities. With expertise in digital marketing, CRM and marketing automation, Stacey is best known for leveraging technology solutions to solve business challenges and driving projects with crisp tactical execution.

Prior to joining Marcomm, Stacey held a lead marketing role at Redpath Consulting Group, a leading Midwest Salesforce consulting partner. She also spent more than six years at EnergyPrint, a SaaS-based utility analytics firm. During her tenure, Stacey played an integral role in growing the EnergyPrint brand and transforming the company from a small start-up to a national award-winning leader in the energy efficiency arena.

Stacey has spent most of her career as a “marketing unicorn,” a term often used to describe a one-person team with the skills and abilities to drive every function of marketing. But after years of trying to master everything from strategic business planning and brand messaging to email marketing and social media, Stacey began to realize more and more how mythical the unicorn role truly is in the modern marketing world.  She left Redpath in fall 2020 to reflect on her career and search for a position that better fit her passion for project management and marketing execution.

During her transition, Marcomm Fractional CMO Priscilla Koeckeritz invited Stacey to share her unique experience as marketing unicorn at a panel for a Minnesota American Marketing Association event called: Lean & Mean – Building Your Marketing Dream Team. Having previously worked with Stacey for many years at EnergyPrint, Priscilla knew Stacey could share some valuable insights on the successes and challenges of running small marketing teams.

After reconnecting for this AMA event, Stacey and Priscilla started talking more about how Marcomm is helping small and medium-sized businesses with flexible marketing solutions. Marcomm’s Fractional Marketing Teams solution is designed to deliver the supplemental expertise SMB’s need for ongoing marketing support– all rightsized to fit a company’s specific budget.

When Priscilla eventually approached Stacey with an opportunity to help clients fill critical marketing gaps,connecting companies with marketing solutions in meaningful and affordable ways, she knew she couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

“I’ve always had a passion for executing digital marketing efforts with quality, but I also know the pain too many SMB marketers and business leaders feel when you’re trying to grow a brand with limited internal resources and budget,”  Kusnier shared. “Marcomm is addressing this unique challenge in innovative ways I’ve never seen from traditional marketing firms and agencies. I’m so excited to be on this journey and diving into a new project management role where I get to partner with Marcomm’s talented fractional marketing team to drive results for growing businesses.”

“Marcomm’s fractional capabilities grow with each team member who joins our team,” said Koeckeritz. “The addition of Stacey to our team adds significant B2B marketing expertise and I’m excited to see her contributions to the team and our clients develop.”

Connect with Stacey on LinkedIn.

Building a Fractional Marketing Dream Team

Here’s a list of questions to help you determine the roles you need on your fractional marketing dream team. And you can learn more about fractional marketing services by contacting Marcomm.

  1. Do you need help defining and documenting your marketing strategy? Did it change due to COVID? Do you need strategic alignment or support at a leadership or sales level? If you answered yes to any of these, you likely need a CMO level resource on your team, someone to develop the high-level plan and put things in motion. You may not need this resource on-going, or if you do you probably won’t need a lot of hours once the strategy is defined. A CMO can be a great help evaluating trends and defining outcomes, so it’s often a good idea to keep this role in play year-round in a minimal way.
  2. Do you need a marketing plan written? Do you need your marketing distribution developed and refined? Do you need a content plan and calendar managed to consistently deliver marketing tactics? If you answered yes to these questions you should look for project management and content management skills for your team. This person will likely be with you on-going to lead your fractional team. This role will ensure outcomes are delivered on time and on budget and can even live on site with you part time to ensure marketing lives and breathes your culture.
  3. Does your website need updating? Do you struggle to develop and deliver content and sales assets consistently? Do you need help managing the right social channels to reach your target audience? If the answer to the above are yes, yes and yes, a digital marketing strategist is essential to delivering good content on a consistent basis. This individual gets deep in the weeds of web content, blogging, email marketing, social posting and other day-to-day deliverables that make up robust marketing. The digital marketing strategists works hand-in-hand with your project manager and interacts with sales and other resources who depend on content to connect with clients and prospects.
  4. And do you need the technical skills that are often costly to procure and time consuming to manage like web development and video production? A good fractional marketing team will have access to the right resources to deliver each project successfully, and without breaking your budget. Web and video projects often get outsourced at premium prices to specialists. A good fractional marketing team will have resources on the team to deliver these specialties at reasonable costs (because we aren’t “farming” it out).

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