Marcomm & hoodo Revolutionize Job Seeker Experience

Marcomm is excited to announce our partnership with hoodo, a Minneapolis-based technology start up. This exciting new recruitment technology will change the way our recruiters connect with top talent and humanize the recruiting process – something the big job boards have ignored for years.

As a leader in marketing staffing services, Marcomm is always searching for the best ways to attract and connect with talent. Over the past decade, job boards have delivered thousands of unqualified resumes to our recruiter’s inboxes wasting time and resources. Applicant tracking systems, ATS, also make recruiting challenging by having a one-to-one application of candidates to positions.

Now we have a new technology that will make our recruitment more efficient and more importantly provide a better experience for those looking for marketing contract positions and project opportunities for the Twin Cities best companies. Using hoodo, Marcomm can post multiple jobs and have access to all the marketing talent in the hoodo community in a matter of minutes.

“We need innovation to help us get the right candidates to the top of our recruiter’s lists, not just more candidates in the pool,” said Joe Foley, CEO and master recruiter at Marcomm. “We were spending more than 50% of our time sifting through resumes to find candidates who meet job requirements, with hoodo we anticipate cutting search time by half.”

hoodo is an app-based recruiting platform that does the job hunting and matching for job seekers and vastly improves the accuracy of selecting talent for hiring managers. Marcomm has just launched their hoodo partnership, and is driving job seekers interested in the marketing and communication industry to download the hoodo app and add their profile to the growing hoodo job seeker community.

Download hoodo from the App Store or Google Play and sign up. Marcomm is posting jobs on hoodo and using it as our first source to find the right candidates.

Experts Know Online Job Boards Don’t Qualify Candidates or Build Rapport

Priscilla Koeckeritz, a long-time recruiting expert and marketing veteran, knows relationships are important in the search process. “Marcomm has a great track record of placing candidates who stay with their clients not just for months, or a single project, but for years – often becoming part of the client’s full-time team,” she said. “Cutting out the tremendous sorting time up front and getting a list of qualified candidates served up in a dashboard makes Marcomm even more effective at building relationships and serving clients.”

Marcomm has a strong commitment to making human connections and getting the right marketing talent to clients quickly, and hoodo will help:

  • Get to know qualified candidates
  • Build rapport and trust with each candidate, instead of sorting resumes
  • Help align qualified candidates with clients who need and value their expertise
  • Increase confidence that Marcomm is sending the right talent to meet client needs

hoodo cares about job seekers and wants to help companies like Marcomm reduce the insanity of connecting qualified candidates with recruiters. hoodo allows you to skip the online job board, skip the application and simply swipe right on jobs that you want. Its like a dating app for jobs, enroll once and hoodo continuously hunts, screens and shares jobs that meet your needs, wants and abilities. When you find a job that suits you, simply swipe right.

You remain anonymous to the hiring manager through the prescreening process – hoodo provides the recruiter an outline of your qualifications and our back-end algorithm tells the hiring manager how good of a match you are for the specific role.

When the recruiter or hiring manager sees your interest, they can prescreen your qualifications and reach back out to start a conversation. Instead of being one of hundreds, you’ve been moved to the top of the recruiter’s list of candidates … in one simple swipe.

Once the recruiter or hiring manager decides they like what they see, they show their interest and start a conversation via a hoodo chat. It’s that simple, and very human.


Avoid Applying for Jobs That Aren’t a Fit, or You Don’t Want

hoodo also helps you avoid the trap of applying for jobs you don’t want, or simply are not a good fit for you. Whether its out of anxiety or desperation, many job seekers start skimming the job boards and feel driven to start clicking on jobs that aren’t the right fit.

See what time management coach and remote work expert Elizabeth Grace Saunders has to say about applying to too many opportunities in this excerpt from her Fast Times article, “These 5 Time Wasters Are Killing Your Job Search.”

“It can feel super vulnerable applying to a job that you’re really excited about and know you’re qualified for. But only applying to jobs where you’re vastly over- or underqualified is wasting your time. If it’s a mistake to be too selective and only apply to openings that look like perfect fits, then the reverse is also true: Applying indiscriminately to too many opportunities in the hope that something might work out is a poor strategy, too. If you don’t feel any butterflies in your stomach at all after sending out an application, it might be a sign that this job isn’t for you–and was a waste of time applying to.”

With hoodo, you won’t have to guess whether a job is right for you. The hoodo matching algorithms ensure that you see jobs that fit your wants, needs and abilities – its not about quantity, its about quality. You don’t have to apply over and over either, once you’ve built your hoodo profile, the app is constantly out searching for your next job.

“We’re here to help companies like Marcomm cut through the job board mess and serve up themost qualified candidates for each job,” said Ben Clark, founder and CEO for hoodo. “Finding a job has changed, and hoodo is here to facilitate hiring in the modern era.”

Download hoodo from the App Store or Google Play and sign up. Marcomm is posting jobs on hoodo and using it as our first source to find the right candidates.


Marcomm believes people searching for their next career opportunity deserve to be treated with value, and that companies don’t have to settle for talent that doesn’t fit both culture and skill expectations. Founded in 1996, Marcomm is proud of our history connecting marketing talent with some of the best Twin Cities companies. Our mission is to rebuild the value of relationships as the cornerstone to delivering staffing, contract and support services to companies large and small. The human experience is central to our purpose and by connecting people to deliver great marketing efforts we fulfill both the needs of job seekers and our corporate clientele. For more information, visit:

About hoodo

hoodo is an app-based recruiting platform that does the job hunting and matching for job seekers and vastly improves the accuracy of selecting talent for hiring managers. Igniting a transformative model for job seekers and employers alike, hoodo modernizes the talent management industry by delivering effective job matching via proprietary algorithms – resulting in saved time and expense, and greater opportunity to reach desired business goals.