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Marcomm Feature- Introducing Britta Muldoon

Marcomm is proud to introduce you to our newest employee, Britta Muldoon. Britta joined our team as a Marketing Specialist at the end of April and has been working to help Marcomm grow its flexible marketing solutions. Her journey to join the Marcomm team is unique and we wanted to highlight portions of that story to shed light on the importance of remaining agile during our ever changing job market.

Before working for Marcomm Britta worked at a large management consulting firm, Korn Ferry, well known for their excellence in management consulting. Korn Ferry was actually Britta’s first job in a corporate capacity, outside of a startup environment. For most of her 20’s Britta worked as an artist focusing mainly on sculpture and working for a local tech startup. She soon discovered that though she loved engaging her creativity, she wanted to use her skills in community with others in a more strategic fashion.

When Britta lost her job at Korn Ferry at the end of February she saw it as an opportunity to pivot her creative career into the marketing industry. Like many other people she searched job boards and applied for anything that seemed to be a good fit. Soon she realized that just looking for jobs via the traditional methods would not be enough to give her an advantage in this challenging job market.

The task felt daunting, but she realized that with all this time on her hands she could invest in building authentic connections and growing her professional skills versus just “networking” in the traditional sense. Britta dug deep, scoured LinkedIn and reached out to people that had careers that interested her, and  people whose journey to their career looked non-traditional. There were many rejections but over time she built a network.

Britta made amazing connections with people like Kurt Schmidt from Foundry (and the podcast the Schmidt List), Ann Ruschy from Alignment Leadership Consulting and Laura Best from the Passion Collective. Among many other valuable pieces of advice, Kurt helped Britta think about how to market herself for the career she wanted and how to tell a story with her resume. Ann helped Britta continue to think about leaning in-to her non-traditional career path as an advantage instead of a drawback. Laura Best and the Passion Collective gave Britta a supportive environment to grow authentic connections with like-minded women in the marketing and creative fields.

Fast forward to April 2020 Britta decided to attend a Live Q & A session hosted by the Passion Collective featuring Jamie Simpson and Priscilla Koeckeritz from Marcomm. Through the course of the Q & A Britta felt really energized by Marcomm’s vision to be agile in this ever-changing industry by offering flexible marketing solutions to their clients beyond just contract work. Eventually she reached out to Jamie Simpson to have a virtual coffee. Through the course of their chat the conversation began to pivot more towards Britta’s experience and her vision for her career moving forward. At the end of the virtual coffee Jamie essentially offered Britta a job to help Marcomm grow their flexible marketing solutions for businesses. After speaking with Priscilla, Britta accepted the position as Marketing Specialist here at Marcomm. She continues to use her creativity, strategic mindset and organizational skills to help Marcomm and its clients remain relevant and agile in the new-normal of this post-COVID marketing world.

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