Learn from Experts how to Face Your Hiring Challenges

The American Marketing Association of Minnesota is known for excellent events and bringing expert panels together to answer nagging questions. This month, Marcomm partners with AMA MN to address one of the greatest challenges facing companies today – hiring strategies.

Join us on Tuesday, May 24th at 5:30pm for an in-person event with our C-suite panel of company leaders at SafeNet Consulting. We’ll be addressing how traditional recruiting strategies are failing to deliver results for companies seeking talent. These leaders of companies from manufacturing, technology, hospitality and marketing will share their challenges and how they are confronting the tightest job market in several decades.

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Event Details:

Hiring Strategies: The Evolution of Seeking Talent

May 24, 2022 | 5:30pm – 7:30pm

Does your organization have hiring gaps? Are traditional recruiting strategies failing to get results? With more Minnesota jobs available than applicants, business leaders must innovate to attract talent and retain their current team. And it is no longer only Human Resource’s responsibility to identify and recruit new talent.

Hear from a panel of c-suite business leaders how they are addressing current hiring dynamics. From shifts in traditional recruiting methods to embracing creative hiring strategies, you will hear how small and mid-sized companies are changing the game and putting the right talent in essential roles.

Our panel will share examples of “what’s working and what’s not” in their organizations. We’ll discuss:

  • The cost of an open position short term and long term
  • Marketing your company to stand out to recruits
  • Leveraging outside recruiters or service providers for help
  • Learning how to “flex” for the right candidate
  • Role’s contractors or fractional talent play in filing essential gaps
  • Tools that will help you reinvent recruiting efforts

Host: Diana Osberg, MN AMA

Emcee: Priscilla Koeckeritz, Fractional CMO, Marcomm

Panelists: Kelli Schnieder, President, SafeNet Consulting; Bill Sullivan, CEO, Brin Glass Company; Jamie Simpson, Chief Revenue Officer, Marcomm; and Andy Dulka, CIO, Restaurant Technologies

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