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Event – The Women Empowerment Series – Dec. 3,10,17

Communicate. Be Empowered. Make a Difference.

About this Event

Women often are told (or feel) that they are too direct, aggressive, passive, lack confidence and need to speak up more in meetings. How do we avoid these labels and stereotypes in order to feel empowered, confident and be considered equal leaders in our organizations? Communication is key! The Women Empowerment Series will make you aware of your linguistic and communication styles and explore components to build confidence to empower you to make a difference within your organization.

In a series of three, 75-minute workshops (Dec. 3, 10 & 17) with plenty of time for great discussions and break-outs, women will explore their individual communication style and build an understanding of gender stereotypes and how these negatively impact workplace relationships. Non-verbal communication, body language and managing emotion will be discussed to propel our conversations forward and participants will delve into conversation rituals; a re-occurring pattern of conversation and behavior whose meaning, or function is not what it appears to be. By adapting linguistic styles to certain situations, understanding queen bee and imposter syndrome and being more aware of behavior that exists through rituals, women will be prepared to reclaim power, confidence and control in conversations and demonstrate their competence and credibility.

Women communicate a certain way, whether through learned behavior at a young age or through societal influences. Being aware of hidden nuances in conversations and learning to understand and adapt to different communication styles will empower women with communication tools that help them navigate and succeed in the workplace.

Session #1 – Dec. 3

• Linguistic and Communication Styles

• Gender Stereotypes

Session #2 – Dec. 10

• Non-Verbal Communication

• Managing Emotion

• Conversation Rituals

Session #3 – Dec. 17

• Common Conversation Challenges

• Queen Bee and Imposter Syndrome

• Empowerment & Equality in the Workplace


Communicate. Be Empowered. Make a Difference.

In order to spark engaging conversations in each session, only 15 spots are available.

Reserve your place in the Women Empowerment Series for just $119.

Ten percent of sales will be donated to International Women’s Day 2020 through their partnership with the World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts (WAGGGS); the Charity of Choice for International Women’s Day since 2007.

Meet Dr. Amelia Reigstad, Ph.D.

When we communicate powerfully and meaningfully in a way that aligns with our values, we build strong relationships. We make our jobs better. We make friends, develop a deeper understanding of others and mitigate miscommunication. Doing better at communication allows us to thrive in all aspects of our lives. How do we find the knowledge and confidence to create the approach that feels right to us – and, that actually works?

Having passion and a love for knowledge is at my core. It fuels meexcites memotivates me. It set my career trajectory on an academic path and has taken me back to my entrepreneurial roots. I am thrilled to be on this journey as a consultant and coach, specializing in communication and gender differences.

Whether I’m partnering with you 1:1 or with your organization’s team, my knowledge of business operations, communication and organizational effectiveness means I can customize the guidance you need. My goal is to help you feel empowered in order to build and nurture your communication skills so that you enhance your true self. Grace and compassion are essential in the way that I guide you in that process.

With nearly two decades of professional and academic experience, my training skillset is refined, direct and heartfelt. I understand how to teach, not just what to teach and through my experience, I’ve created a coaching and training model that involves engaging my audience and delivering content that allows professionals to build on tools they already possess. With a goal of helping others succeed, I consult and educate business professionals on the importance of understanding gender differences and communication styles and how this leads to effective communication and productivity in the workplace.

Let’s find your communication purpose – together.

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