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Event 6/16- The New World of Work Communication Training

Recognizing the important role communication plays in business and building community amongst all team members becomes even more significant as we transition into a new world of work. With remote, face-to-face and hybrid work environments, how do organizations plan a return to the office in the most efficient way possible and ensure they are building trust and focus within their teams? Having an internal communication strategy that is unique to your business and creating a culture of effective communication is key!

Designed for organizational leaders, departments and teams re-entering the workplace, communication training focuses on our NEW normal and helps guide employees through the transition and beyond in order to improve employee engagement, increase productivity, organizational and communication effectiveness. Learn strategies, tactics, tools and techniques to become more effective and impactful communicators.

Communication training includes topics such as communication styles assessment, communication mediums and appropriate use, business meeting acumen (face-to-face, hybrid and remote), building trust and focus amongst teams and much more!

Join us for a  30-min info session on June 16 at 1 p.m. via Zoom to learn how this one-of-a-kind workshop will benefit you and your team!

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