Turn the rapidly changing landscape of marketing into a competitive advantage for your organization.

Marketing trends and best practices continue to evolve at a rapid pace, opening up exciting opportunities for brands and organizations able to mobilize their resources. This process of mobilization generally follows one of two paths, and each comes with its own set of challenges:

  • Attempts to retread your core team’s skillsets can create chaos and inefficiency in your business operations. Additionally, budgets rarely support on-the-fly learning.
  • Approvals to hire new talent can prove difficult to secure and must be used very wisely. Aligning long-term talent investments to untested marketing strategies, which may or may not perform as expected, can lock you into niche skill sets that aren’t optimal in the long run.

Do what you do best … and outsource the rest to a trusted partner.  

There’s a better way to maximize your marketing investment in a fast-paced landscape, while avoiding the risks that accompany new hires or major reorganization. The secret? Find a trusted partner who can guide you to identify — and infuse your business with — the talent, skill sets, and best practices actually worth investing in.

When you partner with an expert, your team gets to maintain focus on core business activities. Meanwhile, you overachieve in areas outside your existing expertise. This collaborative arrangement also lets you:

  • Deliver on time, on task, and on budget. One key to successfully implementing new marketing innovations is engaging a strong project lead who knows the ins and outs of the requirements, timelines, budget, and outputs. This project lead ensures project delivery meets appropriate requirements and timelines from strategy and planning through execution (and beyond).
  • Effectively manage internal and coordinated project activities. A project lead works closely with your internal team, sharing work-stream details, creating efficiency reports, and discussing workflows. This comprehensive oversight helps prevent confusion of priorities and promotes efficiency at every stage of a project.
  • Identify issues — before they actually become issues. Often, the project lead will guide or participate in the scoping portion of the project. This up-front collaboration enables standardized status reporting. It also allows for early identification of potential issues, so those possible snags can find quick resolution before creating business-wide problems.
  • Align project goals with broader bottom-line objectives. An outside partner with expertise in unfamiliar marketing best practices has the perspective and resources to use project planning as an opportunity to outline ROI and determine performance management criteria. When you work with a true Project Architect, you transform the planning process from a necessary step into a high-potential business opportunity.

Why work with MARCOMM PRO?

MARCOMM PRO shoulders the responsibility of investing in the adoption, maintenance and improvement of best practices so you can focus on your core activities. Get in touch to find out how we can help you create a competitive advantage for your business in an ever-shifting marketing landscape