Optimize your marketing operations – you have options

Optimize your marketing operations – you have options.

Certain projects demand specialized skills and experience not already present in your current talent pool. When this happens, your choices can feel limiting. Hire the skills you need? Contact a traditional Advertising Agency? Both options have advantages and drawbacks.

There’s another way forward you may not have considered: Deliverable-based staffing lets you keep the focus on your core business while grabbing opportunities for growth and expansion as they arise.

Deliverable based staffing is about curating a team of experts with precisely the right areas of expertise and levels of experience to knock your project goals out of the park. These experts assist, direct, or consult with your current employees for the duration of the initiative, seeing it through to success.

Here are just a few of the benefits of working with flexible staffing:

  • Get immediate access to highly-skilled talent. Stay focused on your strategy while a handpicked dream-team of specialists comes in ready to work with the skills and experience best suited to support your efforts. Your existing talent gets to run at full speed ahead with the roles in which they already shine.
  • Strengthen your relationship with your staff. Deliverable-based staffing demonstrates your commitment to your employees. Where hiring around a project can create perceptions of job insecurity and volatility, project-based staffing typically meets a warm reception from employees who understand the shift is temporary, and beneficial for long-term growth.
  • Remove barriers to growth and differentiation. With new and diverse perspectives on board, your entire organization can grow beyond its current levels of innovation and creativity. Current employees may discover talents they didn’t know they had, and leadership may uncover ways of working that open up new areas of development.
  • Lower your liability and administrative costs. Project-based staffing frees you from the administrative burden (and potential liability) of dealing with hiring compliance issues. What will you do with all that extra time and budget? Put it back into your business, of course! Invest in the future of your organization and the people who make it one-of-a-kind.

Adding staff when they’re needed shows your organization’s responsiveness to market opportunities. It also shows you value the contributions and satisfaction of your existing employees

Project-based staffing isn’t your only option (or a silver bullet) when you need additional resources. But more and more organizations are turning to deliverable-based options, especially for certain types of marketing projects.

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