Is flexible staffing the key to success in a rapidly changing marketplace?

Organizations that lack the internal capabilities to complete certain marketing projects often find it more cost effective to outsource project needs, rather than developing those capabilities internally. This advantage holds especially true in cases of one-off initiatives and variable needs.


The project-based marketing staffing services let you quickly access the talent you need to complete your project on time and on budget. Working with us gives you on-demand access to relationships with experienced marketing professionals who specialize in wide a range of disciplines and industries.


So while your competition struggles with a set-in-stone staffing structure, you can ride out market highs and lows with the strength and adaptability to:


Seize opportunities without missing a beat

Every project is different. It carries a separate set of objectives. It requires a unique set of skills. Sometimes, it necessitates an entirely fresh set of talent requirements. Project-based staffing lets you bring in the talent and resources you need—for precisely the amount of time you need them. With a flexible staffing structure, you never have to miss a chance to outperform your competition.


Innovate—while staying focused on your core business functions

Maintain your normal workflow and order of operations while you explore new avenues for expansion. Deliverable-based staffing gives you the flexibility to serve your existing client base even as you expand into new audiences. By hiring around a marketing project or initiative, you execute at full capacity right out of the gate.


Make better use of your existing resources

Instead of shoehorning full-time staff into roles and  processes that require valuable time (and budget) to master, free them up to keep doing what they already do best. By implementing a flexible staffing strategy, you let external specialists fill the temporary talent gaps while your core marketing personnel continue to perform their roles at top capacity.


Outsource your risk and responsibility

With deliverable-based staffing, you’re investing directly in the agreed-upon result of the marketing project. In other words, the responsibility for delivering on those results lies with the outsourcer. Meanwhile, you retain more control over personnel. This powerful combination of control and shared risk adds up to a significant advantage over competitors, whose rigid labor structure keeps them at the mercy of economic highs and lows.


Avoid the high costs and potential pitfalls of hiring full-time staff

Flexible staffing arrangements let you avoid long term employer-related commitments for shorter term requirements, such as projects and initiatives. Project-based staffing also turns some of your fixed personnel costs into variable expenses, because you pay only for the talent you need when you actually need it. (Bonus: You get to lower the high costs of hiring and training staff while reining in overtime expenses.)


Project-based staffing isn’t your only option (or a silver bullet) when you need additional resources. But more and more organizations are turning to deliverable-based options, especially for certain types of marketing projects.


Learn how MARCOMM PRO can help turn your staffing challenges into business opportunities: