How contract work can give you the job satisfaction you’ve been looking for (Part 2)

In our last blog entry, we offered the first installment of a two-part discussion on the benefits of contract work. We mentioned some of the ways contracting can help you leverage your job skills to allow you to meet your personal goals. And we touched on reasons why many high-level businesses are offering a range of satisfying positions to contract workers.

Here is part 2 of this discussion. Discover more about the flexibility and freedom you can experience when you take the contractor route—and see how MARCOMM can offer you employment opportunities and guide you along the way.

The real facts about contract work

You’ve heard the stories about contract workers who find themselves searching for a new job every few months–and this worries you. But contractors can reap many benefits that regular employees may never experience. If you ask them why they have chosen this path, many of them will tell you they can:

  • Often obtain better-than-average compensation. They can also count on what they’ll earn–no need to go hat-in-hand to beg for raises or discover their annual cost-of-living increase has been eliminated because company profits are down. Contractors can simply choose to work in a more appealing employment situation, giving them more control over their lives.
  • Enjoy flexible vacation time, which adds up to a feeling of freedom they’ve never had before.
  • Select the companies or projects that interest them most by working in positions that are the best fit for their skills. As a result, they feel more job satisfaction and gain jurisdiction over the competencies they are building.
  • Meet new people in a variety of situations.
  • Learn how to stay nimble and relevant in their jobs, making them valuable to any company.

Take control over your own destiny

As we all know, no full-time job is completely stable. Layoffs can come when they are least expected and often when the market is already saturated with job-seekers in the same field. This is another reason why contractors believe it’s smarter to diversify themselves. Working in a variety of settings over time lets you learn new strategies, software, and skills. Taking control over your own destiny is rewarding and confidence building. You can operate in a role that you love and decide where you work. That’s why for many, contracting is the answer to work and lifestyle dreams.

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Now you can stop stressing about your job search

When you team with MARCOMM, you can forget about spinning off endless resumes and watching your inbox for responses. We can connect you with top-notch companies you may not have considered or been able to break into. Once we get you in the door, we stick with you to make sure you feel satisfied and fulfilled.

We are ahead of the game in providing outstanding staffing opportunities in marketing and communications, interactive, creative, and content development. We listen, consult, and advocate on your behalf. Additionally, unlike many other staffing providers, your partnership with us can go on for months or even years. We retain and nurture good employees indefinitely, making sure they are well-positioned, well-trained, and well-suited for each individual opportunity.

Discover how contract work can give you the job satisfaction you’ve been looking for

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