How contract work can give you the job satisfaction you’ve been looking for (Part 1)

You’ve worked hard to acquire and hone your job skills. But now, maybe you’ve been downsized. Or, maybe you feel stuck or stagnant in your current job. Perhaps you’re simply tired of working in a department you feel is dysfunctional. Then maybe contract work is the right move for you.

Why savvy businesses are turning to contract workers

Today, companies are reorganizing, scaling back, and finding their operating budgets are getting tighter. As a result, some of the most respected businesses—many with headquarters or branches in the Twin Cities—are discovering it’s extremely beneficial to tap outside resources. There are many reasons for this:

  • Sometimes, a shake-up in an organization can mean new responsibilities have landed in an already-understaffed department. In this case, it’s particularly appealing to acquire people with specific skill sets who can hit the ground running without a lot of training.
  • As a growth strategy, a company may want to beef up expertise in critical areas. Obtaining pre-qualified contract workers saves them the time and effort it takes to add talented, motivated people to their staff.
  • If a company has a short-term project but doesn’t want to be saddled with a long-term employee, a contractor is the perfect solution for them.
  • Of course, the allure of avoiding the accompanying cost of health and other benefits that comes with adding dedicated staff is also exceptionally attractive.

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Five other benefits of contract work you may not have thought of

  1. Consider yourself impervious to mergers and downsizing.
  2. Venture into something that will make you shine. And who knows? If you feel your contract job is a good fit for you, maybe you can parlay it into a permanent position.
  3. Learn and advance in your chosen field.
  4. Avoid explaining time gaps in your resume.
  5. Liberate yourself from office politics.

Be picky about who you work with

This goes for the company you choose, as well as your staffing resource. Search for a company that offers you the career opportunities and challenges you’ve been lacking in other positions. Give yourself the chance to feel appreciated and proud about a job well done. And remember, as a contractor, you don’t have to depend on the success of a particular company to ensure you have the salary and growth opportunities you need.

When it comes to choosing a staffing resource, be sure to scrutinize their reputation for employee satisfaction. And check out their bandwidth for obtaining and keeping high-performing talent. You’ll find that MARCOMM comes in with flying colors in both these departments. Visit our website to discover the advantages of teaming with us.

You need a position that not only matches your career goals, but also offers healthcare and other benefits

This is where MARCOMM can make the real difference. We can bring both these objectives together for you. That’s because we carefully consider your professional aspirations and expertise then match them to a position that’s right for you. What’s more, we provide an industry-leading employment package:

  • Decent pay that’s W-2 salaried
  • Employer subsidized benefits for health, 401K match, and more
  • Open/paid vacation

And these are just for starters. Check out our website for more employment package details.

See how contract work can give you the job satisfaction you’ve been looking for

Contact MARCOMM to see our available positions or view our updated job listings.

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